Everyone deserves access to quality health care.

The COVID-19 pandemic put unprecedented stress on the provincial health care system, resulting in longer wait times for many critical services. The Manitoba government is committed to:

  • restore and improve the system, so that patients get the care they need sooner
  • build capacity within the province to reduce backlogs
  • send some patients to approved health facilities out-of-province for care

What follows are stories submitted by actual Manitobans. Hear from patients who are sharing their personal experiences with diagnostic and surgical procedures and their path to recovery.

Latest Stories

  • Dulce Creighton

    Dulce Creighton

    My name is Dulce Creighton and I live in Winnipeg. I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2021, on my 43rd birthday. I waited four months for my cancer screening tests. I appreciate that throughout the pandemic, cancer diagnostics were prioritized and kept on schedule. However, many other procedures were delayed. I was very fortunate […]

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  • Lenuse Paul

    Lenuse Paul

    The first time I heard about the blockages in my heart was in May 2021. They told me I needed a triple bypass and an aortic valve replacement. I’m normally an active retired guy. I live on a big property in Roblin, 60 miles west of Dauphin, and do chores around the property, like roto-tillering […]

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  • Jeannette Vandal

    Jeannette Vandal

    I’m a 63-year-old retired educational assistant from Winnipeg who recently had knee surgery in north-west Ontario. My story begins about 10 years ago when my knees started to ache all the time. The doctor told me that both of my knees had osteoarthritis, a deterioration in the bones. For several years I was able to […]

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  • Sharmila Sukhan

    Sharmila Sukhan

    I’m a Winnipeg-based teacher and my story begins back in 2016 when I discovered I had kidney stones. Over the past year, I’ve received several treatments. The doctors I worked with did everything they could to provide options that would address the kidney stones.

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